Cached Version from Jeni Barnett’s Blog of Comments Relating to MMR

[ UPDATE 10/02/09: As pointed out by Steve Anderson below, the two MMR blog posts have been removed altogether from Jeni Barnett’s personal blog – with no explanation. It doesn’t exactly underscore credibility for her arguments, does it? If she would like to retract any of her statements then it would be better if she did so explicitly. The original blog posts remain archived here, with the comments. ]

On Monday I wrote a piece on Native blog about the LBC Radio story where presenter Jeni Barnett discouraged the use of MMR vaccine in children – on very spurious grounds indeed.

The Times now have an insightful opinion piece called The preposterous prejudice of the anti-MMR lobby.

I just went back to Jeni Barnett’s personal blog to see how many people had commented (almost entirely to signal their disapproval of her views). It had been 82 comments for Bad Scientists and 134 comments for MMR and Me.

But now the counts both stand at zero because the comments have been deleted.

If you’re curious to see what people wrote – in the interests of openness, public information and rational debate – the original pages are here.

Please do not attempt to leave a comment on these pages – it won’t work.

Bad Scientists

MMR and Me

Nothing has been changed in these files.

I have retained the filename of Bad Scientists which appears to be a past vestige of a previous title.

These pages are very similar to what you’d find in Google’s Cache, although that may only exist for approximately a week.

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