Improving Welsh-language digital mapping and navigation

As a freelance web developer I always enjoy working on Mapio Cymru, and it’s an opportunity to bring together some of my interests: free software, open data, maps, and the Welsh language.

The project has grown from the experimental map with names in Welsh. We are now helping a couple of organisations to offer mapping services in Welsh.

One of those organisations is Trafnidiaeth Cymru / Transport for Wales.

Here’s Ben Proctor from the project with some details of our consultancy work for TfW:

Transport for Wales asked us to undertake a piece of research for them. They wanted to know how they could build online mapping applications that treated Welsh and English language equally.

We’ve been thinking about these issues for several years and we maintain a Welsh language map of Wales at This, however, was a real opportunity to think about these questions from an organisation providing public transport services across Wales. We’ve produced a report for Transport for Wales which has a lot of detail in it and is very focused on their specific circumstances. […]

Read the full blog post by Ben.