PALL mawr (Or maybe METHU mawr)

However you translate “epic FAIL” into Welsh, this recent Guardian error tickled me:

A letter to the editor, which touched lightly on English ignorance of Welsh matters, was attributed in an early edition to Hwyl Fawry. It should have been attributed to Gill Caldwell. She signed off her letter with hwyl fawr, which translates roughly as “all the best” (March frogs, 6 March, page 35).

From 11th March Corrections, sent to me by a friend.

Let it not be said that The Guardian is ignorant or dismissive of the Welsh language – last October they advertised for a Welsh-speaking online content editor based in London. Whoever grabbed that position could well be laughing now, as the salary was advertised at £21k per hour.

One Reply to “PALL mawr (Or maybe METHU mawr)”

  1. Classic Guardian.

    Dyma beth oedd y llythyr yn cyfeirio ato.

    Rhaid i mi gyfaddef, pan dw ‘n prynu papru newydd, Y Guardian dw i’n ei brynu, ond unwiath ti’n mynd heibio’r erthyglau (sydd fel arfer yn wych), ac yn mentro i’r adran ‘Opinion’, gallet yn hawddiawn fod yn darllen y Daily Mail.

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