The invisible gatekeeper (how to develop creativity and culture in Wales)

Neges o’r prif swyddfa: ar un adeg roedd fy mlog yn Saesneg pan o’n i’n ceisio gwella fy sgiliau Cymraeg. Felly mae’r blogiad hwn dim ond ar gael yn English – achos mae’n hen.

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  1. Very interesting article Carl.

    As you may(or may not) know, I have also been looking at Copyright issues lately. I agree with you that content and creativity need to be licensed, and not copyrighted.

    The Welsh language is tiny on the Web compared to other languages, and we should do all that we can to encourage individuals and not stifle them, when it comes to content and creation.

    “Gwneud, nid dweud” as someone once said to me.

    I have been developing a few projects recently that involve creating content and creating tools to deliver that content, and as it stands they’ve been pretty successful, but we, as a Welsh nation who fear for the future, need to do even more!

    It’s frustrating when, for example, I spend hours developing a tool to enhance a user’s experience of a product or website, only to be told no because of a vague reference to Copyright or TradeMark.

    There are ways around this of course, but do I want to invest more of my time in it, or just let it die off quietly?

    I’m a creative, so it goes without saying that I would choose the first option, but others might not have that luxury.

    We all try to produce great things that encourage the Welsh Language on-line (or off), and we should ALL do EVERYTHING we can to promote this. The website was a great example of how the Welsh came together to create something special. is another great example, as was

    There are too many restrictions in place, and I for one would love to see the content be open-source for everyone.

    I am thinking of using Creative Commons for so any guidance from you as to how to do this would be great.

  2. Many thanks Carl Morris for your stimulating article about copyright which I have only just caught up with. I know HTV did try to make “The Dragon has Two Tongues” more widely available but the copyright complexities – HTV Cymru was commissioned to make the series by Channel 4 – proved insuperable.

Mae'r sylwadau wedi cau.