Thoughts for Wales’ new Cross-Party Digital Group at the National Assembly

Neges o’r prif swyddfa: ar un adeg roedd fy mlog yn Saesneg pan o’n i’n ceisio gwella fy sgiliau Cymraeg. Felly mae’r blogiad hwn dim ond ar gael yn English – achos mae’n hen.

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  1. First sensible comments I’ve read since the meeting. Well put indeed.
    We need to look at what the future is, not just what other people are doing elsewhere now.
    Transport media are essential – it’s not just telephone line deliver broadband, it could just as well be wireless, but without connection – Nothing!

    See you at the next one!

  2. Definitely a good analysis. We need to be getting ahead of the Wave (pun intended).

    Over the next few days I will create a public Wave with the Title Digital Wales and the tag digitalwailes.

    I will start by cataloguing as many blogger/ twitter identities that I can find that are relevant as links to relevant websites.

    It will be a sandpit for those who are in both Wave interested and Digital Wales

  3. Thanks all.

    BTW it’s not a complete list. Just my thoughts.

    I didn’t write anything about “digital inclusion” which was discussed. I’m reading up on that, especially for Butetown project I’m involved with.

  4. Nice summary. I was gutted to not be able to make it to the first meeting, but plan to be at the second.

    Particularly interested in open data. What data does the assembly have, aside from transcripts?

    I would like to discuss a minimum level of broadband access enshrined in legislation, similar to what Finland has done.

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