8 Ateb i “In which the monoglot looks at the bilingual baby”

  1. I just finished an article on learning a second language helps boost children’s brain power, making children stronger, quicker and smarter. The effect is more obvious the earlier that a second language was learned.

    So I totally agree with you. That is why we as parents should encourage our children to learn a second language when they are young.

  2. Howard, it’s my maths background coming out there I guess.

    Liam, rumours of Cymraeg’s death in you may not be exaggerated actually. But internal linguistic reincarnation is possible.

    best4future, is there any noticeable effect if you begin in mid-20s? Thought not. My kids will thank you.

    Anne Marie, I’m taking pellach, which is the further course – spread over an academic year. They do a 6-week version too but it sounds utterly hardcore and I need to intersperse life in between as I said.

    Cheers all

  3. Dal ati Carl.

    Os ti byth yn dod “lan i’r Gogs” h.y. Caernarfon cysyllt ai ni fynd am sgwrs a ordro peint yn Gymraeg (which, incidentally, is a yet unfulfilled fantasy of a Cwmrag learning friend of mine form Caerffili).

  4. Got directed to this post via a blog that someone was talking about on SaySomethinginWelsh.com. It’s a really interesting set of thoughts – I particularly like the operating system analogy…:-)

    It sounds as though you might be a bit too advanced for our lessons (although some advanced learners have said they’ve found them helpful in improving their spoken usage, so they might be worth a try) – but even if you are, you might still enjoy the learners’ community that’s starting to develop on the site.

    Good luck – dal ati!…:-)

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