2 Ateb i “A Pyramid of All the World’s Knowledge”

  1. This is a fascinating debate. On the one hand, isn’t it just pointless nostalgia to hoard old languages? On the other, English has always reintroduced and adapted old words, or drawn from new sources. It’s one of the things that’s made it so varied and fascinating.

    I’d tend towards the latter argument myself. I think our global cultural history, if such a thing exists, would be greatly impoverished by the loss of the languages that helped to shape it.

    The video sadly didn’t work for me, probably the flash player being stupid again.

  2. “the bit about the Tofa language of Siberia might teach you something about the classification of reindeer”

    – The only sentence I needed to persuade me to watch the video, which I’ve bookmarked for watching with a cuppa tomorrow….


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