10 Ateb i “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Heniaith”

  1. Very interesting reading, Carl.

    And mirrors my sentiments a little. Although I only came to Wales at the age of 18 (15 years ago!!!), I’ve always felt a little, erm, “guilty” for being in a country and not bothering to learn the language.

    In fact, whenever on tour I’ve always made the effort to discover the words for “thank you”, “sorry” and “hello” in the language of the country I’m in. Which is more than I’ve ever done in Wales. I’ve got A-Levels in French and German so I’ve obviously got a certain ability with languages.

    I always put it off though due to “lack of time”. But will I ever find the time?

  2. Diddorol. Dw i’n dysgu hefyd. And my remembered sentiments from school were very similar — I dropped Welsh as soon as I was allowed, then later regretted it.

    I DID go to Llangranog and all I remember was sleepwalking and being horribly ill the next day!

  3. Hanes diddorol iawn, ac yn debyg iawn i’r broses es i drwyddo wrth ddod at yr iaith yng Nghaerdydd, fel “Cymro di-Gymraeg” bondigrybwyll.

    Pob hwyl gyda’r dysgu – byddai’n wych clywed am dy brofiadau ar y ffordd.

    For our “non-bowing” friends: Interesting story, and pretty similar to my recollections of coming to the language as a “Welshnotman” in Cardiff in the 90s. Good luck with the classes – it’d be great to hear more about your journey.

    Dw i’n byw ar bwys Llangrannog, gyda llaw, a dw i bron byth yn siarad Saesneg 😉

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  6. Buying a newspaper at central station in Liverpool the other day, I asked whether he sold Welsh papers… the response was ..

    ” no luv,sorry… we don’t do Foreign newspapers here…”

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