Truckers Of Husk – Person For The Person

Here’s a music video for scene stealers Truckers Of Husk. I’m sure you will agree it is mighty fine – a carnival of craziness, much like their genre-mashing music.

For this we can thank Casey Raymond and Ewan Jones Morris, the co-directors. They were the ones who made the recent Future Of The Left video (filmed in The Vulcan pub) which also had its web premiere this week. There’s no rule that says you can’t release two such works in the same week. Just hit everyone with both and make it feel like Video Christmas.

The above Truckers Of Husk video is also notable for a brief cameo role by yours faithfully. (This is, after all, my blog). Unless you include Ewan’s How To Sleeveface video, it’s been a long time since I last did any acting.

In particular, my role here makes a long-sought change from school productions, where I was always picked to be cast as the elderly man.