2 Ateb i “All Wales Convention – Closed!”

  1. I agree, but they probably reasoned they couldn’t monitor the page forever, and that it’s better to close it than let it fall prey to the spammers.

    Does Facebook offer a way of locking down a page or profile? That might be a better solution.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I guess it’s reasonably pioneering to be using any form of social media at all here. You can see from the final report that they wanted to emphasise this. But Wales is not getting the full benefit.

    In answer to your question: no, I’m not aware that Facebook offers this for groups or pages. You know, we don’t need to be so dependent on Facebook’s feature set or limitations.

    A better method would have been to have Facebook Connect login as an option on the main site (“sign into this site with your Facebook account”). That way you can forget Facebook as a destination site – all the Facebook member comments are on the main site, aggregated with the other comments. You also still get the easy login for those who want it. You get the notifications in people’s news streams and the chance to mention Facebook in the report. Perhaps most importantly, the content persists on YOUR site.

    This stuff is cheap now, easily within the budget the convention had. As an alternative they should also offer OpenID login. Then people could login with Google, Yahoo, WordPress accounts and so on. (Don’t make people register for anything new, not your site and least of all Facebook!) If it’s good enough for the US government…

    That reflects the Cymru I want – people’s voices getting a platform they can actually rely on.

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