Un Ateb i “Beyond YouTube”

  1. Love the game, as did Finn, my 8 year old son, who got to level 5 before he lost interest.

    It makes me wonder though, How do you capitalise on your viral moment? so many people will have passed through this but so few will stay. As with any number of viral successes the energy is in the rush to consume, whether its Rick Rolling or the ExperienceWii campaign the trick is the treat and the reason we were viralled in the first place is jilted at the altar.

    As if often the case with revolutions the energy is all in the act of revolt and the new regime fails through a lack of momentum to sustain the new. This is why the new boss is so often the ld boss, because the truly new bosses can’t keep their offices together.

    At least
    La Pequena is selling something

    Even then it’s just a short celebrity arc (pun intended)

    It’s hard enough to create a viral, it must be heartbreaking to watch all the energy fade away and be left with just a deflating balloon and party popper trails over your shoes.

    A Cars Life has the compounded ignominy of alerting the competition to contextual video games, it’s the first but will it’s reputation sustain?

    In the case of video on demand of the type that YouTube and the others, Brightcove (which you excluded) included, is the case that the medium is the medium and the message is yesterdays news?

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