5 Ateb i “Trainspotting and the Cognitive Surplus”

  1. wow, shirky is a smart fella.
    I’ve never heard the term ‘cognitive surplus’ before. Really interesting. Passivity is lame indeed. Thankfully thats one thing that I don’t suffer from!

    This blog is way more informative and thought provoking than mine 🙂

  2. I like the idea that the last 50 years of couch potato TV watching is the postmodern equivalent of the mass self medication with Gin in Industrial London 😀

  3. Hey Carl, I followed you over from your post to crowdsourcing. Great blog, I really had to laugh with the “sad git” comment. I was a public school anorak wearer and most probably a sad git until I decided to give up on it all, schooling, at 15. I haven’t looked back other than to refresh my memory for the odd bit of writing. Cheers. Alan

  4. I honestly believe that Trainspotting is as valid an occupation as olympic athlete.

    As we all get more time left over after attending to our basic biological needs we get more freedom to do the things that make us unique, and technology is gradually giving us the tools to do whatever we want.

    When I first got onto the internet the thing that most amazed and delighted me was all the individual creativity and passion for a huge range of different things that the traditional media with its minimum runs and break-evens just didn’t have room for. People are amazing!

    There is no externally-mandated point or purpose to life, therefore you’re completely free to invent your own. We’re all just killing time until we die, so make the most of it.

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