5 Ateb i “Dolgellau”

  1. I used to live near Machynlleth, which is fairly close to Dollgellau, and once when I was walking home along the main road a large lorry pulled up and the driver jumped out and said, “can you tell me the way to ‘Machine Lathe’ please”. It was in a broad Yorkshire accent making it funnier still, I had a job to point over me shoulder I was laffing so much!. Anyhoo, Jeremy Vine, a quintessential English accent if ever, but he does have Terry Walton from the Rhondda on every Friday to give a little Welsh culture! See ya

  2. Well, Dolgellau is my home town so I’ve heard plenty mangling of the name.

    The best one I think was the pronucniation by a visitor from our Breton twin town, Gwenrann (Guérande), who pronounced it “Doggish-lau” (lau as in “allow”).

  3. This is terrific. I was in Dolgellau once in the 80s (and climbed Cader Idris). I learned to pronounce the name while I was there but had forgotten how to do it. And frankly, I do a lousy job of it anyway. What a wonderful trip that was. The innkeeper dried our boots for us overnight by the kitchen fire. I’ll never forget it.

Mae'r sylwadau wedi cau.