Ynni adnewyddadwy yng Ngymru

Erthygl diddorol iawn gan Madoc Batcup yn Click on Wales heddiw. Darn:

The UK government is now undertaking another project to exploit Welsh resources, and on the largest scale since the 19 th Century. This time it will be taking the benefit of the salt water resources of Wales rather than its fresh water, and in a way which will dwarf Tryweryn in its implications for the people of Wales. The potential for producing electricity from renewable resources from the offshore waters is huge, and comes from two sources. The first is the exploitation of the wind through offshore wind farms and the other is the exploitation of maritime energy through tidal and wave generated power.

Ownership of maritime renewable power resources is the single most important issue facing Wales today. The value of these resources is capable of transforming the Welsh economy. It would enable the Welsh Government to decide where, when and how to develop its energy resources in a way that would benefit Wales most.