3 Ateb i "Do You Use WordPress? Cardiff welcomes WordCamp in July 2009"

  1. Arwydda fi lan ar gyfer y rhestr lleoleiddio.

    Before deciding on localising a website/software, I (sometimes) think how usefull will it – i.e. is there anoher more widely used service that I should prioritise?

    I think WordPress fits the bill nicely.
    Despite research at an US university into which blogging platforms Welsh language bloggers use (I shit you not!*) coming to the conclusion that Blogger is/was by far the most popular a sizable number use WordPress.

    I had time to kill this morning and in 45 mins, I managed to bookmark 34 sites with the tag wordpresscymraeg. the tag itself is a bit misleading as they don’t all use the Welsh version of the software, but content is all in Welsh or bilingual. look at ‘Related tags’ to see which are using the hosted version. Those which are not blogs, but in fact websites are tagged with ‘gwefan’ (website).

    *User code modification as identity expression: A case study of Welsh language bloggers on Blogger.com.

    Yn olaf, sylwais nad dy fod wedi tagio’r post hwn gyda ‘wordcamp’. Alla i fod yn pedantig a cynnig bod ti hefyd yn rhoi’r tag ‘wordcampuk’?

    Gweler gwefan:

    To spread the word please use the tag wordcampuk in blogs and other social media so we can find your posts more easily.

  2. I don’t agree on wordpress being and operating as a CMS, because it’s simply not true, wordpress was designed entirely and only for blogging and same characteristics for other purposes such as comics publishing perhaps, but it’s not a CMS at all, trying to convert wordpress into a CMS is like taking a simple car into a racing field.

Mae'r sylwadau wedi cau.