Amlieithrwydd Global Voices (Eidaleg, Rwsieg a mwy)

Mis diwethaf gwnes i sgwennu erthygl am heriau i’r we Gymraeg i Global Voices.

Mae pobl wedi cyfieithu’r erthygl bellach i Eidaleg a Rwsieg. Gwych! (Diolch i Barbara Constantino a GV Russian.)

Oes galw am erthyglau Global Voices o bob math yn Gymraeg? Os oes galw, oes gwirfoddolwyr sydd yn fodlon cyfieithu o ieithoedd eraill i’r Gymraeg? Fydd ddim angen fersiwn llawn o’r wefan ar y ddechrau ond efallai byddai erthygl pob hyn a hyn yn dda.

Global Voices: chwilio am y we Gymraeg

Dw i wedi sgwennu erthygl i Global Voices am y we Gymraeg:

[…] Recent research presented by the BBC at a media conference shows that of the time spent on the web by the average Welsh speaker, only 1% is on Welsh language content. We can assume that most of the remaining 99% of the time is taken up by English-language content. There are several factors behind these percentages, which form a contemporary story of linguistic domain loss.

Although the Welsh language web is large from an individual user’s perspective, it has relatively few resources available when compared with other languages. Even the Basque language, which statistically is in a comparable situation to Welsh in its homeland, is much more privileged on the web in its number and diversity of established websites and levels of participation.

Wales has comparatively fewer institutions that would view an increase in quality web content as an important part of their mission. There is perhaps an excessive reliance on voluntary efforts. Yet the cumulative amount of spare time at the disposal of volunteers, what the American writer Clay Shirky refers to as cognitive surplus, is also small. […]

Darllen mwy.