Tony Judt: breuddwyd o heddwch yn y Dwyrain Canol

Dw i wedi ail-ddarllen traethawd gan y ddiweddar Tony Judt o 2003 ar y ’datrysiad un gwladwriaeth’ yn Israel-Palesteina heno. Dw i newydd ddarganfod ymateb gan Judt i rai o’r ymatebion i’r traethawd gwreiddiol a dyna ffynhonnell y dyfyniad isod:

[…] Ideas acquire traction over time as part of a process. It is only when we look back across a sufficient span of years that we recognize, if we are honest, how much has happened that we could literally not have conceived of before. Franco-German relations today; the accords reached across a table by Protestant Unionists and Sinn Fein; post-apartheid reconciliation in South Africa—all these represent transformations in consciousness and political imagination that few but “escapist fantasists” could have dreamed of before they happened. And every one of those thickets of bloodshed and animosity and injustice was at least as old and as intricate and as bitter as the Israel–Arab conflict, if not more so. As I said, things change. Of course, they also change for the worse. After all that has happened, a binational state with an Arab majority could, as Amos Elon ruefully reminds us, very well look more like Zimbabwe than South Africa. But it doesn’t have to be so. Those of us who observe from the side can at best hope to put down markers for the future. […]